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Upcoming Festivals 2016 - 2017!

29FrontViiewHere is a preliminary list of some upcoming guitar festivals and competitons. Mountain View Guitar Festival, April 28,29, 2017, Lone Star Guitar Festival and Competition, June 8 through June 11, 2017 and last, The Guitar Foundation of America International Convention and Competition in Fullerton, California, June 19-24, 2017.  Plan to attend or compete in these guitar competitions and festivals!



Open Classical At Buon Giorno Coffee

If you like open-mic, I highly recommend the Open Classical at Buon Giorno Coffee in Fort Worth.  I was lucky enough to get some press by showing up with my latest guitar and giving it a 15 minute workout on stage!  StarTelegram2Yes I played and was later interviewed for the Star Telegram.  It is a great venue with some real talent giving their best vocals, guitar solos and more! Read more here!



New Gallery Album - Commissioned Guitars


  We have added a new Gallery Section with some photos of some recently commissioned guitars.  There are several sets of photos to view and we plan to add more as we complete additional commissions.  All of these newest guitars are double tops, one is a Cedar/Cedar and two are Spruce/Cedar soundboards.  To learn more, click here!

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These are articles and essays about building and playing guitars.  We hope you enjoy them and find them informative and useful.


SideViewAfrican The Strings Of Her Heart

I was inspired one late night to write this poem about the classical guitar. I hope you enjoy it! The Strings Of Her HeartBy Sandra RingoShe’s all luster and curves, more precious than gold,More beautiful than anyone has a right to behold.She is mine to caress, a wonder of nature and sound,With my hand on her ...

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4-G11Rosette1 Birth of a Classical Guitar

Here is a video that I created showing the birth of a few guitars in the shop and some of the major processes they go through. I have taken many pictures of guitars while building; perhaps thousands of shots by now. I wanted to use some of these pictures to represent what a guitar goes through in my work shop during t...

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Double tops800 Wood Ring Double Top Design

This past year I have been making some fascinating and exciting changes to my guitars. With every thought to design, and a passion for making the best sounding guitars as possible I, as a maker, want to continually improve my guitars. The latest improvement that I have successfully adapted is the double top.Building pr...

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Aaron Tuning His Latest Spruce Guitar at the GFA Convention Wood Ring Guitars at the GFA Convention in 2012

My dad and I just got back from Charleston, South Carolina where we attended the Guitar Foundation of America Convention and Competition. This event was held from June 26 through July 1, 2012. It is arguably the premier event of the year with regard to classical guitar competition, master classes, seminars and concerts...

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Taking care of your new guitar. How to Take Care of Your New Guitar - The Basics

Most Classical guitars are delicate to the natural world environment. Fortunately there are just a few things you have to keep in mind to prevent damage to your new guitar.Humidity: Most hand made guitars are built at a constant 45-50 percent relative humidity. With very low humidity the wood could crack. With very hig...

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DSC 9227 8 9 Aaron Manning the Booth Best Little Guitar Festival in Texas

By Danny Ringo - Aaron and I just got back from a trip to the University of Texas at Brownsville. We were there as a vendor at the Brownsville Guitar Festival and Competition showing five of Aaron's classical guitars. Aaron is a luthier who builds hand crafted guitars for his company Wood Ring Guitars.(This article is...

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Tea Leaves in a Cup Reading Tea Leaves to Predict the Future

Reading Tea Leaves to Predict the Future - Using Chladni Patterns to Create Extraordinary Classical Guitars - An Article By Danny Ringo (This article is a reprint from the Odyssey Consulting Corporation Blog. To read more click here). It may seem surprising to see this in a blog dedicated to Science and Art but it is t...

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Two Beautiful Classical Guitars The Craft of Lutherie - Strength in Numbers

By Danny Ringo - Aaron and I have been working very hard to finish two beautiful classical guitars that he has been building, side by side. One has a Western Red Cedar top with Cocobolo sides and back. It has Bocote trim and a Spanish Cedar neck. The other guitar has a German Spruce top with Indian Rosewood sides and ...

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