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29 45DegreeViiewWood Ring Classical Guitars are handmade by Texas luthier Aaron Ringo from the finest quality woods carefully selected for their unique beauty and sound miscview11characteristics. Each guitar is an outstanding work of art with tonal qualities designed to help each guitarist reach their full potential as a musician. Extreme care and craftsmanship is put into each guitar. Aaron puts weeks of work into each guitar to coax a lavish, rich sound and unique beauty from it.

Options include a traditional top or a double top with either a spruce/cedar combination or other top wood combinations.  We use optimized fan bracing for the traditional classical guitar sound required by performers and concert guitarists.  We offer the choice of an elevated or traditional fingerboard.  Each guitar is finished with a traditional French polish.   A unique beautiful handmade rosette comes with each guitar. These and other features make each instrument worthy of the discerning musician looking for their ultimate performance guitar.

Aaron's goal is to provide you with an extremely high quality handcrafted classical guitar and related services for a very reasonable price. The process of creating a one-of-a-kind guitar customized to your requirements and specifications is a very personal journey of exploration and discovery. Aaron would be honored to be your guide in this adventure and will spend whatever time it takes to be sure you are completely satisfied.

Feel free to browse the pages and get to know us better. Please contact us if you would like to buy one of the fine classical guitars we have in stock.  We also build guitars on commission.  We would love to work with you to design a unique classical guitar that will help you reach your full potential as an exceptional musician. 

Contact us if you need us to touch up, fine tune or repair a classical or acoustic guitar that you own.  Aaron will use great care and all of his skills to restore it back to its original condition or better.


Aaron Ringo, Luthier - Handmade Classical Guitars For Sale - We also perform repair, refinish, French polish, setup, and intonation services for fine classical and acoustic guitars.


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