Aaron's Journey - Evolving Toward Excellence

Aaron has fine woodworking and music in his blood. His great grandfather Gerrit Aaron1Spieker came to America from Holland in the 1920's seeking his fortune as a wood worker. He worked in New York City as a carpenter and cabinet maker and sent back money to his wife and children. Little by little he sent gold back to Holland, until they had enough to immigrate to this country as well.  With a grandmother who is an accomplished pianist, a grandfather in the jukebox business and both his parents being music lovers, he grew up with music in the air. Guitar music was especially favored and there was always a guitar laying around ready to be played.

As a child Aaron loved to build things with his hands. As long as he had a project going he would work tirelessly until it was finished. Listening to good music and building things became a way of life. Another big influence as he was growing up was studying the Martial Arts. After 11 years of dedication and hard work Aaron earned his 1st degree black belt in 2002. During those years he learned patience and refinement of technique in the pursuit of excellence. Integrity and self-control became a central part of his character.

Mr. Ringo started playing the guitar when he was 16, learning to play a multitude of classic rock, country, and folk songs. When he was 20 he decided to take a class in basic classical guitar at the local college. This began a multi-year study with Sabine Madriguera who became Aaron's mentor in the PlayingGuitarinColoradostudy of classical guitar. After a couple years of intense study he joined the 1 O'clock guitar ensemble at Collin College in Plano, Texas. This is an award-winning ensemble which took several state level awards in the two years that Aaron played there. Later, he assisted Sabine Madriguera in teaching beginning and intermediate guitar students at the college as well. In addition, he also played in many public venues and competed in several state and national competitions. During this time Aaron began a lasting friendship with some of the nicest people and best guitarists in the nation.

One thing Mr. Ringo learned in the martial arts is that to master an art you must study at least one other related artistic discipline. This gives you depth in the understanding of your art. It reveals nuances that are only apparent when a multi-dimensional viewpoint is reached. Thus to augment his musicianship Aaron became very interested in the physical manifestation of the guitar. He began to wonder how it is that such a beautiful instrument can be made. What is it that makes some guitars sound so much better than others. Thus began Aaron's journey as a guitar maker. His passion for the guitar evolved and deepened. He intends on spending his life in the pursuit of excellence, making the finest instruments possible. He will do this for other musicians that love to play the guitar as much as he does and are in awe of the sound and beauty of a fine hand crafted guitar made just for them.

Aaron is a current member of the Guitar Foundation of America as well as LINT (Luthiers IntFamilyPhotowithJesuseractive of North Texas).  In addition, he was a contributing columnist for Soundboard Magazine (a publication of the Guitar Foundation of America), and wrote a regular column (2013 to 2015) which featured interviews and profiles of well known luthiers of classical guitars, their building techniques and philosophies. 

Aaron is constantly growing as a builder. This is the allure of guitar making. The sound is the spirit of the instrument. Comfort, playability, and beauty are the body of the guitar. The player is the heart and mind.

Put all these together and beautiful music happens.