About Wood Ring Guitars


Aaron Ringo created Wood Ring Guitars in 2010.  His vision was to build hand crafted classical guitars, each instrument with a unique sound and natural beauty, that would enable classical guitar artists and professionals to realize their full talent potential.  It was crystal clear to Aaron that this was his passion and his calling in life. 




Wood Ring Guitars is a family-based company.  Meet our team!

Aaron, of course, is our master luthier.  He has a natural talent for building guitars.  Each guitar begins with a vision and the perseverance to turn that vision into reality.  Over the years, Aaron has been methodical in creating his approach to lutheTonyAaronCroprie.  He has developed a guitar building process based on rigorous experiments that revealed the best approach for each of the hundreds of steps required to build a guitar.  This results in an instrument that is beautiful to look at, and amazing to listen to, with a distinctive ease in the playability. He believes playability is just as important to the sound of the instruments. He is ever evolving to try and find a better way to achieve both.  Each guitar is designed to last a lifetime. Aaron has been playing classical guitar for over 20 years.  He knows a good guitar when he plays one.  Thus, he has an immediate feedback loop.  Aaron also knows many of the best classical guitar teachers and players in the United States and around the world and he enjoys their friendship which gives him the opportunity to get their honest feedback regarding the traits and qualities of an outstanding guitar. He is always trying to learn something new with each guitar. 

Tonye warmed her way into the hearts of the Wood Ring family in 2020 after meeting Aaron at the West Texas guitar festival where she was one of the coordinators and helped with advertising. She has a passion for music, art, and nature. She became part of the family in 2021. She is not only Aaron’s supportive wife while he creates beautiful instruments for his customers, but she is also the marketing director of Wood Ring Guitars. She has a degree in Graphic design from ACU and plays harp and piano. If you would like to see some of her work, click the link below. 

Tonye's Portfolio

Sandra, along with Danny is the website content manager.  Her experience in the design and maintanence of various commerical websites for over 25 years has been extremely benefical to the marketing aspect of Wood Ring Guitars.   She also deDannyAaronSandrasigned the Wood Ring logo and along with Aaron and Danny designed the website to suit Aaron's tastes and needs.

Danny is the team's scientist.  Danny has a degree in Chemistry and made a living for many years as a computer scientist.  He is an expert in quantitative analysis.  Danny consults with Aaron regarding the testing and research done at Wood Ring Guitars.  We do a lot more than just tap the soundboard to determine quality.  We have defined several points during the building process where extensive testing is done to be sure that each guitar reaches its full potential as an outstanding instrument.  We continue to do active research to push the boundaries of quality, acoustics, and beauty and the results are embodied in each new guitar produced.