These are testimonials regarding Aaron and his guitars. 

Kirk Redman

I have encountered Aaron's instruments at festivals and from fellow players for a number of years. I have been impressed by every one that I have played and heard. After playing his two show models at the 2016 GFA convention alongside much higher priced guitars from well-known makers, I knew that my next guitar was going to be a Wood Ring. Aaron was a pleasure to work with and connected me with players who owned his previous 630 scale models, which was something that I was interested in for my build. I was able to play two of his 630 models before making my final decision. Each of those guitars had beautiful tone and projected beyond most instruments that I have played, regardless of scale. My guitar is a 630mm Spruce/cedar double top, FrontViewwith Indian rosewood back and sides, and an African black wood head plate. It remains one of the loudest guitars and my favorite of any that I have had the pleasure of playing. The tone is clear and precise, but with a beautiful warmth. Friends who have heard me play before and after getting my instrument from Aaron have remarked that they didn't realize how much better my musical ideas were than they were able to hear previously. On Aaron's guitar, everything comes out clearly and with broad expressive potential.

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To learn more about Kirk Redman, please visit his website!   KirkRedman.com





Adam Holzman

Aaron Ringo has worked on a number of my finest instruments and each time I am impressed by his care, craftsmanship and understanding of what makes each instrument special and unique. His workmanship and professionalism are first class.  

I also consider him one of America’s up and coming young guitar makers. His beautiful woods and craftsmanship will continue to propel his guitars forward!

Adam Holzman - Professor of Guitar, The Parker C. Fielder Regents Professor in Music, University Distinguished Teaching Professor, The University of Texas at Austin, Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music, Director, Classical Guitar Program, Brevard Music Center




Daniel Kyzer

I took my 2001 Carlos Pina to Aaron to repair three cracks, re-finish the top, and replace the aging frets. First, let me say that the quality of his workmanship exceeded my highest expectations. Having bought the guitar as a college freshman, I was pretty hard on it, but Aaron restored it to its original beauty. The fretwork is perfect, the repaired cracks are invisible, and the top looks brand new despite my putting many scratches and dings in it over the years. It has really been a pleasure getting to know Aaron and his work, and I'm sure that he'll be ranked among the top luthiers.  Dan Kyzer - Classical Guitarist website

Vadim Timinsky

Aaron's guitars are simply wonderful in structure, perfect in sound and easy to play. They have a rich, warm tonal quality with a strong sound and a great dynamic range, ideally suited for any modern concert performer. Really outstanding quality instruments. Bravo Aaron!  - Vadim Timinsky - Classical Guitarist/Teacher

Brandon M.

#201105 Cocobolo Concert/Cedar with Raised Neck

Dear Aaron,

I hope you are doing well.  It has been three months, and I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love my guitar.  It is a beautiful instrument, everyone I show it to tells me how beautiful it is.  Movever, as far as sound WOW, it continues to open-up with every passing week.  It is just a fine musical instrument.

Although I am still a novice player, I can appreciate the beautiful sounds the instrument makes and the superb craftsmanship.  You should hear it when my teacher plays it, it is really something.

It is one of my most prized possessions, and I know it is something I will enjoy for many more years.  I am proud to be one of the first owners of a Wood Ring Guitar.  I know you have a very bright future as luthier.  Your instruments speak for themselves.

Best Regards and best wishes for continued success - Brandon - Arlington, TX